Portfolio Manager:

This role entails a significant engagement in creating and implementing investment policy, providing
client service and new business development.

This opportunity will appeal to an individual who desires a dynamic work environment in a progressive
portfolio management company. You will be part of a cohesive team, where your opinions truly matter and
your efforts will provide both professional satisfaction and above-average financial compensation.

This atmosphere will allow you to build or expand an existing discretionary portfolio management
clientele, using a core investment philosophy that focuses on fee minimization and portfolio
construction using exchange traded funds (ETFs) and option strategies.

The desired client profiles are family groups with minimum investible assets of at least $750,000 and/or
those with complex portfolio management needs due to concentrated single-equity investments.

Positions are available in our Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver offices.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Responsibility for preparing and delivering sophisticated investment proposals to prospective

2. Executing day-to-day portfolio management transactions within the guidelines of individual
investment policy statements.

3. Provide ongoing, professional investment advice to family client groups and structuring
investment review meetings.

4. Maintain awareness of the relevant facts concerning each family client group and update
documentation (Investment Policy Statements) as necessary.

5. Coordinate with the outside advisors (accountants, lawyers and other professionals) of each
family group in order to assist in achieving their comprehensive financial goals.

6. Source and develop new business opportunities.

7. Keeps abreast of economic, financial market and investment conditions and provide valuable
input as a member of the Investment Committee.

8. Contribute articles and material for internal and external publication.

9. Update professional practice standards through training and continuing education.

10. Adhere to CFA code of ethics and internal company policy and procedures.

Required Skills and Competencies:

1. A strong entrepreneurial spirit combined with the ability to work proactively.

2. Five (5) to ten (10) years of previous investment industry experience.

3. A record of unblemished regulatory compliance.

4. A history of above-average business development.

5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

6. An advanced working knowledge of various computer applications such as Microsoft Office.

Education and Accreditations:

1. Accredited Portfolio Management designation (CFA, CIM)

2. Currently registered as a Portfolio Manager or Associate Portfolio Manager

Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver

Applicants can apply in confidence to:

Alan Fustey

Contact Us:  Winnipeg:  1.855.989.6200 / Calgary:  1.855.804.3582 / Vancouver:  1.604.609.6177