Apply our independent advice and professional judgement to your wealth.

Ensure that we understand your investment objectives.

Serve only your best interests and work exclusively toward achieving your investment objectives.

Disclose and clarify all conflicts of interests, actual or potential.

Provide clear, independent reports.


Benefit by paying a low, transparent management fee that is based on the market value of the investments we manage for you.

Stay involved by keeping us up to date on any potential changes in your objectives or circumstances.


Advice Based on a Duty of Loyalty and Professional Care Exclusively to You

Canadian securities regulations place different standards of care upon financial advisors depending on how they act on behalf of
their clients.  As a result, there is currently no single standard of duty that applies to all registered financial advisers.  This lack of
uniformity can create a fundamental misunderstanding between the expectations of  investors regarding the duty that is owed to
them by financial advisors and how their interests are served.

Index Wealth Management Inc., accepts a fiduciary standard of care for our clients.  Under this standard we have a duty of loyalty
and of professional care exclusively to our clients. This requires that we put your interests ahead of ours, disclose all possible
conflicts, and always have a reasonable basis for our investment actions on your behalf.

Our aim is to help you understand your best interests and to serve only those interests.


No Conflicts of Interest

Many investors are not aware of the types of potential conflicts or biases that can affect the financial advice they receive.  A conflict
of interest is present any time a financial advisor is not thinking exclusively about what is in the best financial interest of the client
they are advising.  Conflicts can result from any influence that affects or biases their judgment or recommendation.  

Large segments of the financial industry determine their profitability from a sales culture that forms the core basis for advisor
compensation.  Index Wealth Management Inc., does not have any compensation conflicts between our firm and our clients.

We provide independent, professional advice.  We do not sell specific financial products such as mutual funds or initial public
offerings.  We do not receive any compensation from trades in a portfolio.  We have no invisible fees, loads or charges.

Our only compensation is a transparent management fee, which is based on the market value of the investments we manage for

CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and
credentials. The organization is a champion for ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the
global financial community.  The CFA Institute has more than 119,000 members in 147 countries and territories, including 112,000
CFA charterholders, and 140 member societies.

The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct are the ethical benchmark for investment professionals around the
globe. All employees of Index Wealth Management Inc. are required to adhere to this standard of professional conduct:

CFA Code of Ethics

Fiduciary Advisor

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