Apply our independent advice and professional judgement to your wealth.
Ensure that we understand your investment objectives.
Serve only your best interests and work exclusively toward achieving your investment objectives.
Disclose and clarify all conflicts of interests, actual or potential.
Provide clear, independent reports.

Benefit by paying a low, transparent management fee that is based on the market value of the
investments we manage for you.
Stay involved by keeping us up to date on any potential changes in your objectives or


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What Does Risk Mean To You?  

Index Wealth Management Inc., begins our investment process for you with a Risk Profiling Assessment.

This is the financial services equivalent of a blood pressure reading. While an accurate blood pressure test does not, by itself,
determine a diagnosis or treatment, it does provide important information.

Risk means different things to different people - danger, uncertainty, opportunity or thrill. In reality there is uncertainty in any
situation where there is a chance of experiencing an unfavorable outcome.

Your ability to accept financial uncertainty is an important issue. On the one hand, low risk tolerance prevents many people from
doing as well as they could financially. On the other hand,  some  of  life's  most  unpleasant  financial  surprises  arise  because 
you  were exposed to a level of uncertainty beyond you comfort zone.

Risk tolerance is one of three risk-related inputs to constructing effective portfolio advice. The other two are the likely risk required
for you to achieve your goals and the financial capacity you have to withstand a negative outcome without changing your life goals.

Want Does Your Money Need To Do For You?

We initiate a financial education process with you.  We examine your past investment experiences and gain a thorough
understanding of your investment expectations and objectives.  The goal of this process is to establish a long-term investment plan
for you that can be achieved within the realities of financial markets.

An investment process involves a series of strategic decisions. Each decision is a trade-off between increasing potential return and
reducing financial uncertainty. You must be satisfied with all the strategic decisions, because you ultimately live with the results.
Our role is to design an investment process within the constraints that are unique to you and then to illustrate the potential

The result is a customized long-term investment plan which is then documented in a formal Investment Policy Statement. This
written statement defines the parameters of the asset allocation that satisfies your investment needs and risk tolerance.  It also
serves as a reference to assist in evaluating the progress of your investment portfolio toward achieving your goals.

Once the Investment Policy Statement is in place, a portfolio manager begins the discretionary portfolio management process, by
taking responsibility for all the day-to-day decisions regarding investment selection and portfolio re-balancing. 

We meet with you regularly to review your personal circumstances and the progress that has been made toward achieving your
long-term financial goals.  You also receive informative quarterly reports and comprehensive monthly account statements.

Initiate a financial education process.

Design an investment process that is unique to you.

Create an Investment Policy Statement that outlines your path to achieving your investment goals.

Take responsibility for all the day-to-day decisions regarding investment selection and portfolio re-balancing.

Meet with you regularly to review your personal circumstances and update your progress.


Benefit from a fact-based, long-term investment plan that can be achieved within the realities of financial markets.