A Philosophy Based on Facts Not Forecasts

Uncertainty has, and will always be, present in financial markets.

We believe all risk comes from the uncertainty of evaluating whether your capital will be sufficient meet your needs. 

The key to how we manage uncertainty is that we value facts over forecasts.  Here are some facts that guide our work for you:

Few active investment strategies (individual stock selection or mutual funds) achieve better long-term, risk-adjusted
performance than a comparable financial market index.

The returns of investment asset classes vary over time.  This causes the asset allocation of a portfolio to drift off target. 
Therefore, a disciplined, systematic rebalancing process is a primary risk management tool that keeps your portfolio asset
mix consistent with your risk tolerance.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are low-cost investments that allow for diversification among equity sectors and asset

Uncertainty can cause price volatility in financial markets.  Call option strategies can be structured to use this volatility to
either enhance income or reduce the variability of the investment return that is produced by a portfolio.

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