Portfolio Rebalancing

Target asset allocation is the major determinant of your portfolio’s risk level and the return you receive over the long-term. * It is also
and the primary risk control strategy used to manage your portfolio according to your own unique risk tolerance.
Different asset classes have different returns over time and as a result, the dollar amount invested in each asset class that makes
up your portfolio can deviate from your intended target asset allocation.
The table below shows the annual returns of eight major investment asset classes ranked from highest to lowest over the past
twenty years.

Not only do investment returns among asset classes vary greatly from year to year,  the strongest performer from last year often
fails to repeat that performance during the next year.
We use a disciplined, systematic rebalancing process in your portfolio to limit the drifting of asset mix without allowing emotional
decisions and forecasts to divert the process. This is key strategy to “selling high and buying low”

The primary goal of rebalancing is to manage risk and to improve your compounded returns.

*The Importance of Asset Allocation Ibbotson

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