Clients of the Index Wealth Management Inc. have their cash and investment assets held by an independent custodian for
safekeeping and protection.

The custodian also provides electronic withdrawals and deposits, trade execution, clearing, back-office support services and tax
reporting for your accounts.
Through the custodian your account(s) assets are protected under the specific insurance coverage provided by the Canadian
Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).  More Information regarding CIPF can be found at:

Canadian Investor Protection Fund

Clients receive two types of reporting:

1. An independently verified monthly statement of your cash and investment assets from the custodian of your account(s)

2. A quarterly portfolio report statement from Index Wealth Management Inc. This statement has five parts:

a. An asset mix summary
b. A detailed description of the asset mix of your portfolio
c. A performance summary that shows the investment returns that have been achieved by your portfolio
d. A listing of the securities held in the portfolio
e. A informative investment commentary newsletter


Safeguard and protect your cash and investment assets through a custodian.

Provide useful reporting in a format that applies specifically to your accounts.


Benefit from easily understood reporting and commentary that allows you to track the performance of your portfolio.

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